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Wedding Day Services

A mint tufted sofa and a white coffee table in a bride's dressing room. A tea set on the coffee table, feminine shabby chic pillows on the couch and some leftover confetti on the floor

All Inclusive Bridal Suite Package

Choose from any of the bridal suites featured in our gallery.

Each suite seats 8-10 people and includes a dress rack, a room divider for changing, 2 makeup stations, and our 8 foot mirror. Decorative items are also included and will be discussed with your suite designer to best match your vision. A bridal concierge will also be there to assist you throughout the morning with anything you need, giving you the chance to relax and enjoy your big day.


Fancy Antique Room

Bridal Concierge

Every bride needs a wing woman whose ONLY job is helping her have an amazing morning and get perfect pictures. Your Mom and your Maid of Honor need to get ready too and it's likely they won't be focused on your needs the entire morning. Your photographer's job is to take the shot, not clear the background. Our bridal concierge is here for you to make your coffee, run out for extra waters, clean up, and make sure you don't pull a Game of Thrones in your wedding photos.

included in bridal suite package

650 AM  / 1050 Full Day

effect (1)_edited.jpg
Fancy Antique Room
A baroque rococco sitting room with a fireplace, a desk, chairs, a crystal chandelier and lots of ornate decor on the walls

Custom Bridal Suite Design

This is for the bride who knows exactly what she wants and can't find the perfect suite anywhere. We will build your perfect dressing room, piece by piece.

Matching Bridesmaids Robes

Bridal Party Gifts Add-On

Gifts include: your choice of matching robes or pajamas, slippers, and a personalized beverage container for each member of your bridal party.

80 per person

A bride and her bridesmaids stand facing away from us, wearing matching robes, with their hands wrapped around each others back in a single file line
A brunch spread with bread, grapes, various jams, berries and accompaniments on a table

Brunch Add-On

What are you eating for breakfast the morning of your wedding? We make sure you and your bridal party are fed before the rest of the day's festivities. Customizable brunch menus available. 

65 per person

Beauty Add-On

Save time on finding your hair and makeup artists and let us take care of booking these vendors and coordinating everyone in the morning.

250 per person

A bride is sitting in front of a large mirror while a hair stylist puts the finishing touches on her wedding day hair style. Future mother in law is standing in the background
A single makeup vanity illuminates a dark room. There is a mirror with 15 bright lights and plenty of space for a makeup artist's supplies

Makeup Station Add-On

Extra makeup and hair stations are available as needed for larger bridal parties. Each station includes a vanity, a chair, and a 3 foot lighted makeup mirror.

150 each

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